Limitless Reiki Healing

          Helen Wright
      Certified Reiki Master

Reiki healing is a laying-on of hands technique that uses the life force energy to heal and balance the subtle energies within our bodies. Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. Energy passes through the healers’ hands with placement of the hands either on or just above the body, allowing for the energy flow and exchange to take place. Reiki treats the whole body and leaves one feeling completely relaxed and at peace. Some may experience temperature sensations, very hot or very cold and/or tingling sensations from the practitioner's hands. 

Distant Reiki is a technique that allows Reiki energy to be sent over time and space. Reiki healing can be sent to anyone as Reiki is not limited by time and distance. These techniques allow the Reiki practitioner to carry out a complete Reiki treatment on someone at a distance with the same effectiveness as if both the practitioner and the recipient were in the same room together. Reiki can also be sent to situations or events (i.e dental appointment), and locations (earthquake or flood zone). Distant healing can be done in different ways. The practitioner can use a proxy, visualization or a projection of Reiki energy (beaming) or a combination of these methods. The length of a Reiki treatment can vary depending on the individual.